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More than one million people in the United States have HIV, and thousands will die from AIDS-related complications this year alone. Since our founding, The Center has been fully committed to providing HIV and AIDS services to our community.
Our programs provide support for people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, 365 days a year. We offer counseling for individuals, groups, couples and families, plus a variety of events, speakers and informal social gatherings for positive people and their loved ones.
For more information, or to speak with a counselor, call 646.556.9300.
Want to get involved? Support our HIV and AIDS-related services by participating in Cycle for the Cause, The Center’s annual bike ride from Boston to New York.


He feels in charge of his future, and he is doing what he needs to do to live a happy life, because he deserves it.

Manny was diagnosed HIV positive in 2008. He came to the U.S. seeking a safe place to live as a gay man, fleeing the violence, persecution and homophobia he experienced in his country of origin. Manny engaged in counseling services at Center Wellness, learned more about his diagnosis and got connected with services and resources.

He also became a leader in the community while participating in The Center’s immigration support groups. Manny is helping others to learn about their risk for HIV and how to avoid infection or re-infection. Now he says that he feels in charge of his future, and he is doing what he needs to do to live a happy life, because he deserves it.


The Center has been a leader in providing comprehensive, community-based HIV and AIDS prevention and education since the onset of the AIDS crisis. Today, we work to test and promote earlier HIV diagnosis and access to care, reduce risk behaviors and enhance protective factors associated with higher HIV risk. In addition, The Center helps HIV-positive LGBT people engage in HIV care to lower their viral load, improve their health and prevent transmission of the disease to others.
Our work includes:
  • Youth HIV prevention
  • On-site HIV testing
  • Prevention and supportive intervention
  • Transgender HIV prevention
  • Family planning to reduce the risk of HIV transmission for positive parents

Call or email The Center for more information. To find out more about HIV Testing, see Testing below.


The Center is committed to providing ongoing support for the people in our community who live with HIV and AIDS every day. We offer a continuous cycle of support groups to help people at varying stages of living with the disease cope with the multitude of emotional and health challenges HIV and AIDS present.
From one-on-one counseling, insurance enrollment, referrals and help finding physicians with a long-standing history serving our LGBT community, The Center is here to help.

We offer:

  • HIV and AIDS Support
  • HIV Testing
  • Group Counseling
  • Significant Other Support




As part of The Center’s commitment to the health and wellness of our LGBT communities, we offer free, rapid HIV testing on Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. Services are walk-in at our building at 208 W 13 Street; no appointment necessary.


There are multiple HIV testing sites in the New York City area. If you prefer to seek testing elsewhere, please see our list of anonymous, Department of Health HIV testing sites. Many of these locations also offer free and confidential STD services, although their hours may vary. These testing sites do not require you to give your name or any other identifying information. Therefore, the test results can never be linked to you. If you test positive, they may ask for your name, but you don’t have to provide it.
For questions regarding anonymous HIV testing or to make an appointment at one of these sites, call the New York State Information Hotline at 800.541.2437.


At some sites, if you test positive for HIV, you will be asked to give the names of your sexual (and needle sharing) partners over the last 10 years. You do not have to give any names. If you choose to give names, the Department of Health will contact these people to tell them that they have been exposed to the virus, and urge them to get tested. They will not reveal your name. Individuals are urged to consider their ethical obligation to let others know of their possible exposure to HIV.
To facilitate this, the NYC Department of Health offers assistance through its Contact Notification Assistance Program (CNAP) at 212.693.1419. For other areas of New York State, call the NYS HIV/AIDS information service hotline to get the Partner Notification Assistance Program (PNAP) phone number for your area.